110 nights.

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Regular reader(s?) of this blog may know that we have a few (at least two) hedgehogs that frequent our (front and back) gardens each Spring, Summer and Autumn - these wee visitors' visiting rights being somewhat facilitated by me digging tunnels under our fences in the borders and even through concrete under our side door.

Our hedgehogs disappeared in the fourth week of October 2020 - to begin their hibernation we thought - even if at the time, that seemed early - particularly so as it was hardly cold then - I'm not sure if we were close to our first frost of Autumn or Winter 2020 at that point.

Anyhoo - I've been keeping an eye on their old traditional feeding station since then (a cat-proof tunnel made from an old soffit board leaned up against our wall, and held in place with bricks) even though I've not left any food out for them since early November.

Yesterday morning, so Friday 19th February 2021, we had our smallest (we think) hedgehog awake from its hibernaculum (we aren't sure where that is although I suspect I may know) after c.110 nights - and check out its old feeding station, for a bit of a pick-me-up.

Of course, I'd not left any food there - so it quickly left.

I have a small infra-red camera in the tunnel which records any motion in front of the lens - the below is the footage that this camera shot before dawn yesterday morning.

I did leave food there last night but it failed to return for whatever reason. Perhaps it got up for a pee, a bite to eat and a stretch and has returned to its hibernation for a week or two - we'll see... the camera is still there and the motion activation software still err... activated, for want of a better word.

Anyway - lovely news from our gaff this week - all feels better in the world when "our" hedgehogs are doing their nightly rounds.

Spring.... it's coming....



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