A pregnant vixen? You tell me.

February 10, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

It's been six weeks or so since I blogged last.

You know the score I'm sure.

Work is busy.

Then there are the regular CoVid-19 tests for the weeuns. (Our most recent was this week).

The home schooling.

The lockdown.

I hope, come the late winter to start blogging with a little more frequency... but until then... I thought I'd quickly stop by and play you a 10 second (or so) video clip that I shot on my trail camera in the garden a couple of nights ago.

I pointed the trail camera at our side passage, with a view to getting clips of our cats stealing each others' food - so we could act accordingly.

Anywaaayy.... the trail camera picked up a rather rotund fox.

Now I know its winter, so the foxes' coats are thick. And it's breeding season so they're in fine form. But this fox (which I think I've seen before hanging around our garden - the dark spot at the base of the tail is a bit of a giveaway) seems at least to me, to appear to be a pregnant vixen.

Far as I was aware, foxes tend to enter peak mating season in January, be pregnant come February and give birth around late March - so if this is indeed a pregnancy and a visible one at that (rather than just a heavy set fox with a belly full of poultry for example), then this is a fox which has been pregnant for some time and is therefore looking to give birth a fortnight or more earlier than late March I'd speculate (wildly).


I may be wrong.

I am certainly no vulpine expert. Not really a fan at all of foxes if I'm honest.

Maybe someone who knows more about foxes than me (that would be pretty-well anyone) can comment below or email me and let me know if this is indeed, a pregnant vixen.

I hope you're all doing well. Coping with the cold. (I've wrapped old pairs of my pants around our exterior water pipes, in case they burst in this cold tonight. The pipes that is. Not my pants).

More soon.



Pregnant vixen?In early February? Seems a little early to me to be showing this much errr.... girth.


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