23rd June 2023.

Today, this website reached a bit of a milestone.

One fifth of a million individual views.

Many, many thanks.









14th February 2020.

Just a tiny note to let anyone even remotely interested know that today, I've finally updated the photo of myself and my wife (newly-asked-fiancee when that photo was taken) on my "about" page on this website, with a couple of passport-sized photos of our two boys, Ben and Finn.

To be honest, Ben was just a twinkle in my eye at the time... and Finn wasn't even on the radar... when I took that "selfie" shot of my beautiful girlfriend and me, with my old Sony Ericsson (non smart) phone, as we quaffed bottles of Keo beer together on a pine-studded deserted peninsula, near Lassi, on the Greek island of Kefalonia.



That's all.

Bet you're glad you clicked on "website news" now eh?