Some links that I use regularly - I hope they may be of some interest to you too?

Links in bold are thoroughly recommended.


Berkshire birds - for the latest bird news around Berkshire

 Swallows, martins and swifts - worldwide news 

Common swift worldwide - my online swift bible 

British trust for Ornithology (BTO) - What it says on the tin 


Wildlife photography / cameras / equipment / blogs / other websites

Handykam - for the best garden wildlife cameras in the UK (and the best customer service) 

British Wildlife Photography Awards - Annual competition open to amateurs and pros alike 

Ffordes photographic - very good, unsung photography shop in beautiful Beauly (nr Inverness) 

Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer  of the Year competition - What it says on the tin

Zoological nomenclature - my (British) look at zoological scientific names

The Black Rabbit on Flickr - my old flickr photography site... I still upload the odd photo here 

The Black Rabbit books (on "blurb") - online shop where you can view and buy my books 

The Black Rabbit warren  - my old blog... set up to record nesting swift activity in 2010 and 2011

Blue Grey - my first and most popular blog... ran for 2 years and stopped in 2008

British Wildlife - the best publication for news on UK wildlife - highly recommended

DxO labs - very useful camera sensor comparison tests


The best identification sites on the web for British wildlife

Bees, wasps & ants recording society (BWARS) - UK aculeate Hymenoptera  information 

The spiders of Greenland & Europe - the best spider ID site on the web 

Hempitera - bugged by an unidentified bug?

UK lepidoptera ID site - the best on the web 

UK moths - the best online ID guide to British moths 

Bats of Britian - the best British bat ID site on the web 

British marine life - best UK marine life ID site on the web 

Fungi photos - at a glance fungi ID site

Odonates - the best dragon/damselfly ID pages on the web (courtesy of my Uncle's "Dragonfly Project")

i-spot - a new wildlife ID site designed by the Open University.

Syrphidae - A superb photographic guide (on flickr) to many of our hoverflies

Diptera - A superb photographic guide (on flickr) to many of our flies

Slugs - A superb photographic guide (on flickr)

Coleoptera - navigate to "gallery" and ID your mystery beetle at Watford Coleoptera Group's photo site.

Bumblebees - the NHM's easy key to ID'ing our furry friends by observing their coloured bands.

Eggs, larvae &  pupae of our lepidoptera - a comprehensive guide (if a little "user unfriendly") to our butterflies and moths

Butterflies - a slightly more "user friendly" guide to our UK butterflies (all stages of life history)

Moths and butterflies - a useful photo ID guide (by family) to our moths and butterflies (navigate to "browe gallery")

Moths by month - an EXCELLENT guide to which moth is flying in which month (in my county of Berkshire)

Moths - a very comprehensive (if slightly long-winded) online method of ID'ing our moths by photo gallery.

Whats on the wing tonight - a truly BRILLIANT guide to what species of moth will be flying week by week during the year.

Micromoths - a good photographic guide in PDF form. A great place to start an ID.

Macromoths - see above but for our larger lepidopteran friends.

Woodlice -  A really nice, simple key to ID.


Local or national groups that I am a member of

National Federation of badger trusts -  What it says on the tin

Berskhire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordhsire wildlife trust (BBOWT) - My local wildlife trust 

The BTO - The British Trust for Ornithology  is the best, independent, charitable, avian scientific research institute.​ 


Other useful or interesting websites

Will it rain today - the zippiest short term rain radar over the UK 

Flight radar - see a plane in the sky and want to know where it has come from or where it is going?

Native plants - local and recorded in YOUR postcode

Met Office hazard manager  -  NB - you will be denied access unless you are a category 1 responder.

National biodiversity network species distribution maps - very useful data 

Postcode finder - the most reliable postcode finder on the web

Google - still the best search engine on the web.

Animal medication direct - the zippiest website for hen medication such as flubenvet

Environmental jobs  - want to work in the environmental sector? Visit this site.

Jodrell bank (astrophysics) - the best monthly night sky site on the web.

ISS tracker - the only space station tracker on the web

Frozen Ark - Attempting to save the DNA & viable cells of the world's endangered animals 

Bristol Rugby - the best rugby team in the whole world. By far.