Doug Mackenzie Dodds.


BSc Zoology. Bristol University 1992.

Lucky husband to a wonderful woman and lucky father to two brilliant boys.

Successful in the first three British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA).

All my wildlife images on this website are of truly wild animals - not captive or tame animals.

The welfare of the wild subjects I photograph is my highest priority.


I hold sole copyright and intellectual property rights to all my images & text - any use without my express, written permission is against the law.


Please note, like any other work, photographers should NOT be expected to work for free nor for "exposure" nor "credit" alone - so please do not ask to use any of my images without expecting to pay me for this use.


That all said, if you still would like to use any of my images - please do contact me on the "contact" page on this website and I will very happily discuss the matter (and fees) with you.





Thanks for your interest - and thanks for stopping by.

Doug Mackenzie Dodds