Three hedgehogs again?

August 04, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

This year I've been keen to establish how many hedgehogs are visiting our gardens again each night - especially as we've had at least one killed on the road last year and also new neighbours move in to a house adjacent to the bottom of the garden who have taken out ALL the cover in their small garden  - a garden which I know the local hedgehogs (and foxes) used to love.

I've not put my best trail camera out much this summer though. (In the garden that is, to see whagwan). But I did last night. I positioned it near the house, pointing towards the hedgehog food bowl hidden behind a water butt and a pile of junk basically that prevents foxes and cats stealing the hedgehog food (I know it looks like a mess, this hedgehog food "den" behind the water butt - but it serves a purpose, and it's not like we've had many human visitors in 2020 to show off our errr... pristine patio to, eh?).

The short video of four clips spliced together can be seen below.

In summary:

12:27am. Hedgehog 1 (white)  with a noticeably pale (marked or scuffed) arse. Ignores food behind water butt. Leaves through tunnel under door.


02:01am Hedgehog 2 (black)  no pale arse. Deliberately ignores food behind water butt. Leaves through tunnel door - and more importantly the sensitive trail camera does NOT pick up its return over the patio. There is NO other quick way back into the back garden other than back under the door again and through the side passage. Any other return would involve a trip around the block and through at least three neighbouring gardens (I'd estimate quarter of a mile trip and well over an hour ... even for a hedgehog not stopping much to feed at all).


02:51am Hedgehog 3? (Yellow). Look. This COULD be hedgehog 2 again (no pale arse), but for that to be the case, why is was its about turn by the door and return over the patio NOT picked up by this very sensitive trail camera and why did it deliberately ignore the food at 02:01 only to clearly and deliberately head straight to the food 50 minutes later and eat for five minutes. No... I'd say the chances are overwhelmingly in favour of this being a third hedgehog then.


02:56am Hedgehog 3? (Yellow). Finishes eating and leaves under side door tunnel like hedgehogs 1 and 2 before.


Have we, at present, got three "snufflers" each night? 

You decide.



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