A secret in the night.

October 28, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

T'other day I was on the turbo trainer in the garden and again I noticed something about the mock orange bush we have at the back of the back garden.

Yes... my eyes weren't deceiving me - the lower leaves of our Philadephus were spattered in bird lime.

Something was probably roosting in our mock orange each night. 

(I was thinking of a small passerine, grapple fans, not a bleedin' EAGLE or something).

So I took my wee camera up to the bush last night and a torch - to see what I could see.

The resulting video is below.

But before you watch it - have a guess.

Do I find anything - and if so.... WHAT?

A clue you say?

OK then.

There was something ORANGE in our MOCK ORANGE.


I don't recommend shining a torch into something's eyes at night (ESPECIALLY not something nocturnal like an owl or hedgehog).

Luckily for me, this particular animal wasn't *too* disturbed by my nocturnal investigations. It actually stayed put after I made a hasty retreat at the end of the video, realising I'd disturbed it. It's back again tonight - and I used a red LED head torch tonight to ensure I didn't disturb it.




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