2020. The strangest summer of all.

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We're all a bit low right now, what with CoVid-19, Brexit and to rub a few grains of salt into those gaping wounds, the end of British Summer Time this morning.


A photographic blog post, containing 30 or so images which I took on our walks around the area, between May and August (only) this year.

Some of these you may have seen on this site before.

Many you won't have.

Hover your cursor over an image to get a caption and click on an image to dim the light.


I hope you enjoy looking at them - roll on Summer 2021, eh?


Grey squirrel in Great Spotted Woodpecker's holeGrey squirrel in Great Spotted Woodpecker's hole. 20th May 2020. 06:24hrs Beautiful demoiselleBeautiful demoiselle by the back garden pond. 26th May 2020. 14:25hrs

Female house sparrow feeding young in nest boxFemale house sparrow feeding young in nest box. North wall of the house. 27th May 2020. 17:20hrs Pyramidal Orchid among OaksPyramidal Orchid among Oaks. Bracknell industrial estate. 31st May 2020. 09:25hrs I've got a brand new...Combine Harvester, Sileage field. Buzzard, Ben and Kites. 1st June 2020. 16:12hrs. Ben and Daisies.Ben in Frost Folly Meadow. 9th June 2020. 15:53hrs.

Empress.A female Emperor dragonfly ovipositing (egg-laying) in a pond in Frost Folly meadow. 9th June 2020. 16:03hrs The Ox-eye familyOur boys, Ben and Finn, walking through the daisies at Frost Folly Meadow, 6th June 2020. 16:23hrs. Possibly my favourite photo of the year.

Grey HeronGrey Heron at Farleymoor lake, Bracknell. 11th June 2020. 08:53hrs Hornet MothA female hornet moth emerges from the exposed roots of our largest black poplar in the back garden. 21st June 2020. 12:52hrs Grange FarmGrange Farm, between Widmer End and Hazlemere (Buckinghamshire). Where I spent A LOT of my childhood free time, watching badgers, little owls, yellowhammers etc. I've even climbed the radio mast in this photo. 23rd June 2020. 11:53hrs. The best.Swifts alighting in our attic nest space. 24th June 2020. Photo is a merging of 30 or so photos taken between 15:00hrs and 16:00hrs.

Frost Folly Flowers.My eldest boy Ben's composition idea. My photograph. 25th June 2020. 09:56hrs

Young WhitethroatYoung whitethroat calling for an adult to feed it. In the stubble at Frost Folly Meadow, 25th June 2020 11:19hrs

Swift alighting3 photos merged into one of our boldest young (yearling I think) swift alighting in my attic nest space on 25th June 2020. 18:38hrs. Billingbear Park Golf ClubBillingbear Park Golf Club in very photogenic light. 28th June 2020. 18:43hrs SWARM!A honeybee swarm outside the 3M HQ in a Bracknell industrial estate on 7th July 2020 at 11:13hrs. Poplar hawkmoths mating.Poplar hawkmoths mating on a tree in our back garden on 12th July 2020 at 07:26hrs Slow wormMoving across a pavement in a Bracknell industrial estate. 13th July 2020. 11:49hrs Female kestrelOn barn owl post. Garth Meadows, Bracknell. 16th July 2020. 08:58hrs Frog and Lily.Frog and Lily in the back garden pond this summer. 18th July 2020. 14:20hrs Three bees.Two male buff-tail bumblebees fighting over a queen. On the London road (pavement), Bracknell. 19th July 2020. 12:51hrs Dawn.Dawn (ish) at Garth Meadows, Bracknell. 22nd July 2020. 06:02 Oxpecker?Starling on cows. Garth Meadows. 22nd July 2020. 06:07hrs SwallowsSwallows at the river Kennet, Calcot, Berkshire. 9th August 2020. 10:44hrs Kennet chub.River Kennet chub, surface feeding. 9th August 2020. 12:14hrs. King of the castle.Grey Heron at the river Kennet, Theale. 9th August 2020. 12:31hrs Finn in paddling poolBack garden fun during another "heatwave". 10th August 2020. 14:11hrs Ben in paddling pool.Fun in the back garden during one of the 2020 "heatwaves". 10th August 2020. 14:48hrs

"Eating out to help out?""Tea" at the Cricketers (pub), Warfield. 10th August 2020. 17:05hrs.


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