You say comaytus. I say comartus.

October 31, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

A wee post today to doff my cap to our annual Coprinus comatus, or "Shaggy ink cap" or "lawyer's wig" that pushes up through the front lawn each October.

They never last long these fun fungi - and although (allegedly) delicious, if you were to leave one on a plate in the kitchen overnight in readiness for breakfast, you'd come downstairs to a small puddle of ink in the morning and that's all. Once they've produced a fruiting body, they basically drop their black spores (the ink) and then melt away to nothing in hours.

Our Coprinus comatus has already all-but-disappeared back into its subterranean mycelium for another eleven months, but before it "melted away" - I managed to show Ben its ink - and I rather th-ink this "shaggy mane" has now become his favourite mushroom.

Not a bad choice I'd say.



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