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A couple of days ago, I blogged about our randy, but frustrated (if hedgehogs get frustrated as such) male hedgehog.

I blogged that I drilled and chiselled a tunnel under our side passage door, so it could explore* pastures new.

* I should remind reader(s) that whilst I've dug tunnels under our fences, which it uses each night, to explore our garden and the gardens on each side of us, it's clear that our neighbours haven't done similarly, so it is, in effect, trapped in our three gardens - one of which (our arsehole Eastern neighbour's garden) is what I call a "Tellytubby garden" (manicured and not good for wildlife).

We have had a family of hogs before, but I think old age or a fox did for the female (I found her hollowed out spiny pelt by our fence a year or two ago now - clearly eaten by a fox, although I'm not sure if she'd just died of old age / illness before the fox found her... or whether or not the fox did for her).

It matters not any more - the fact is... we have a singular male hedgehog trapped in three gardens here.

Until last night, that is.

Yes I took my SDS drill and dug out a tunnel for the hog a few days ago - and last night... HE USED IT!



He didn't seem interested at 0337.



But then at 0414... took the plunge!



And returned at 0508 after exploring the front garden(s?) for about 55 minutes. I also videoed him returning home under our (good, Western) neighbour's shed three minutes later.

NB. That is a junior size rugby ball next to the door in the videos, so viewers get an idea of size of the hedgehog. (Of course that would necessitate you knowing how large a junior-size rugby ball is... but you ALL know that don't you?!).



We have a result!

And this shows what a little observation and a little effort can do for your local hogs.


The bad news.

Our hog WAS trapped in three gardens, away from any road, until last night.

But there was little point him being alive really, without any real prospect of breeding - after all, like it or not... the whole POINT of life is to CONTINUE life.

So we've provided him an escape route to perhaps find a mate - and do what he's meant to do.

But that ALSO means we've provided an escape to the road network - we, like (pretty-well) everyone else in the UK, live on a road... and we've already seen one of our front garden hedgehogs squashed a year or two ago.

Yes... look... at my darkest, I'm half expecting him to explore our front garden(s) more and more this year and quite quickly be squashed on the road.

But before then, I hope he manages to pass on his genes - again... that's the whole point of (if not human) animal (and plant) life.

He may of course disappear under the door tonight and never come back.

But as far as I'm concerned, although sad (as we'll miss having a hog or hogs in the garden), that will be a result.

I'm doing this for the wildlife after all... and NOT the humans.


Anyhoo... we're made up here. Our efforts to provide escape routes for our hog(s) have again paid dividends.

And I can't help thinking that our male hedgehog has gone to bed today, excited about a new world suddenly being opened up to him.. a world where beautiful lady hedgehogs waddle around invitingly - and whole supermarkets of slugs and beetles await.

I know.

I'm getting all Springwatch on yo ass, aren't I?

I'll leave it there then.

More soon...



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