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Kids stuff. Good kids stuff. But kids stuff nonetheless.

June 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I'm sure I upset some people when I mention (in conversation or in text on, for example, this blog) that I regard the Spring/Autumn/Winter Watch programs to be for kids. Not that that's a bad thing at all. They're SUPERB programmes for kids, in the same way as Harry Potter books, I'm sure, are WONDERFUL reading. For kids that is. (But kids alone, mind).

I don't tend to watch the Springwatch (or Autumn or Winter... is there a Summerwatch?) programmes primarily... well... because I am an adult, but I do occasionally watch a few minutes of the live cameras - and admittedly do occasionally see something interesting or fascinating or beautiful or fantastic - but prefer it almost always to be unaccompanied by Chris Packham's sickly or Michaela Strachan's anthropomorphic musings.

But yes. I do appreciate that A LOT of adults watch Springwatch, in the same way as a lot of adults will read Harry Potter books - and these adults will quite often strongly argue that Springwatch is (really!) for adults as much as it is for kids and defend it vigorously (becoming quite upset with me if I continue to maintain that its target audience is demonstrably children).


Last night, I again tuned in again (as I do once or twice every few years) for a couple of minutes.

And this is what I saw -  (click HERE).

Screenshots from the above video hyperlink can be seen below.


You know what?

No further questions your honour.

I rest my case.






For those that (really??!!!) continue to be upset with me regarding my views on this matter - again, I tell you  - I think the Springwatch (etc) programmes are WONDERFUL for kids. I can't wait until my boy starts to watch them with real interest (he's a little too young at present - he's in bed when they come on air*) so it's not that I think they're "bad" programmes as such - not at all - they're excellent - but  (come onnnn now) really meant only for kids.

* Also - see asterisk above - I think quite a lot of their target audience (kids) should perhaps be in bed by 8 or CERTAINLY 9pm - so I also think they're televised a little later than ideal (that is to say for the target audience).



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