Hornet moth natural histories

June 15, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I was going to blog about "horrible (natural) histories" today with a post about a fascinating endoparasitic wasp - and I will - soon - but as "our" garden hornet moths seemed to choose today to emerge en masse and begin mating - I really had no option but to take a few photos and drop them here as a blog post.

We're incredibly lucky (I think) to have these beautiful moths in our poplar trees - and as long as the poplars remain standing, I keep strimming the long grass from the base of the trunk (thus giving the moths access to their "home") and the moths keep coming, then I'll keep photographing them and gawping.

"Horrible (natural) histories" these hornet moths most certainly are not ( well... not unless you grow poplars as a crop for a living) but do please look out for my "horrible natural histories" blog post, coming soon...

Have a good week.




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