More hornet clearwing moths.

July 22, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I think that Ben (my eldest son) and I have between us, found about fifteen pupal exuviae and/or mud casings that surrounded the exuviae of emerging hornet clearwing moths this summer, around our largest black poplar - and we have between us, found three adult moths whilst they've been emerging.

Lovely wee beasties - and the latest, yesterday, I filmed and photographed in detail (see photos and extended video clip below).

Hornet (clearwing) mothHornet (clearwing) moth Hornet (clearwing) mothHornet (clearwing) moth Hornet (clearwing) mothHornet (clearwing) moth

I should point out that in the video below, I slow the moment of first lift-off of this hornet clearwing down to 5% speed and write that it will make it sound like a helicopter. As it DID when I edited the video. That said, I must have ticked the "no sound" box in that particular clip for the finished, edited video, so in the video below, that slowed-down clip is silent I'm afraid and doesn't actually sound like a helicopter. You'll just have to take my word for it, that when you DO slow down the video (and sound) of a flying hornet moth - it really does sound like a "WOP WOP WOP" helicopter.  Honest!

I keep saying to Ben that I really don't think we can expect to see any more emerge now - as it is late July after all. But who knows? We're still checking each morning and will do I think, until August arrives...


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