"Operation noctua" end of week 27

August 27, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

As described last week, I did manage to set up the trailcamera again on the owl's "new" shed - and left it there for about 5 days, to see wat g'wan in owl-ville.

Unfortunately, last week was when the farmer decided to harvest the barley (the field in which the new shed stands) so all week gurt big traccers thundered up and down the the owl's new field, cutting and bailing. No issue from me of course (the farmer has to harvest after all and was kind enough to give me access to his land at the start of the year, which I'm still massively appreciative of!)

That said, the owls were good enough to give me a few clips of HD footage during the week and I've spliced the best clips together on the clip below. As normal, when playing this clip, please expand the embedded player to fill your screen for best, most detailed, smooth, jerk-free playback.

The camera is pointing due east unfortunately, (right into the rising sun which burns a little footage clarity out in one or two clips) and the owls do seem to prefer to use this particular look-out perch at dawn (I was hoping they'd use it more at sun-down giving a nice detailed glow to the owls with the sun setting behind the camera - but that may of course all change now as the harvest has finished - we'll see).

As for which owls are actually visible on this clip - well in at least two clips, two owls are visible perching together (you'll have to look hard though as they are perched in a line, with one in front of the other (one almost hidden).

I think (its just best guess now though) that one is a youngster (more fluffy head still) and one is an adult (the owl partially obscured) with a more rounded, smooth head - I may be wrong there but that's what it looks like to me.

The last clip in the set-of-clips below shows an owl at dawn on Friday gone (at 06:18am) - I rolled up to take the trail camera down about 5 minutes after this clip was recorded (before work on friday gone).

Owl watch August 2012 - new barn for young owls

Because I am using the trail camera to monitor our sick cat's urinary habits in a litter tray overnight at present, I will be unable to put the trail camera back in place before next week (first week of September), but that I certainly intend to do as I'd like a little more footage before the year is out and I do hear whisperings that the first fortnight in September looks quite nice and settled at present....



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