It's going to be a WILD night. Literally. (A post NOT for the squeamish)...

February 15, 2020


Toad crossingToad crossing




EDIT: 15th Feb at 0930hrs. Please note - the original post below was written by me YESTERDAY (14th Feb) at around 1900hrs and put down as scheduled for automatic (delayed) publication at 0800hrs this morning.

I wrote it in such a way yesterday, so it would *read* that I wrote it this morning - I simply scheduled it for publication this morning as I didn't want to post twice in one day and I knew I wouldn't be able to get down to our local toad crossing last night.

Well... I did walk along our toad crossing this morning - after the predicted (below) few toads used their toad crossing last night - and what I saw there was very sad.

I'll continue this edit after my original post below...




Quick one today, grapple fans.

I've already predicted (and seen) the start of the annual toad migration this year (last weekend) and while last night would have seen a few toads making their traditional annual journey from wood to breeding pond, as it was damp and about 10C here.... (I was busy so didn't get out to check our local crossing) - TONIGHT will be HUGE for the toads at my and your local crossings.

We're expecting Storm Dennis to bring lots of rain of course AND very high overnight temperatures for February (something like 13C here tonight I hear).

Now, wind aside, (toads aren't really affected by wind - stop sniggering at the back) those conditions are PERFICK MA, PERFICK for toads to get their crawl on, en masse.

Tonight's the start of toad season proper. Mark my words.

Get down to your local toad crossing after dark. But do stay safe too, out there.

It's going to be a wild night. Literally.




Continued edit. 15th Feb at 0930hrs.

Yes, I did do my 5 mile walk around the area early this morning, taking in the toad crossing as I walked.

And I'm afraid to say... this (below) is what I found.

Now... I'm pretty sure that was a relatively quiet night at this particular toad crossing. Yes… I predicted a few toads would be moving last night (and so they did - perhaps more than a few, as it happens) but TONIGHT WILL be the big one.

Please, please, if you can. Find out where your local toad crossing is (use my hyperlinks above), get down there tonight (stay safe mind) and help these beautiful creatures avoid Pirelli and Goodyear for another year.




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