...The Menace.

February 16, 2020

Dennis (really? Dennis?) has been (is being) pretty wild eh?

Even our local birds are being blown out of their trees...

Yes, OK. That's a plastic eagle owl … or at least the body of one - I couldn't see the head.

No... that grey blob behind the plastic owl body isn't its head, but one of a dozen or so dog poo bags chucked into the brambles by all you oh-so-considerate dog owners who nonsensically bleat that it's only the minority who behave like that.

The owl was nailed/tied to a big branch on an old oak tree outside someone's house just up the road. For some reason, they had nailed 2 owls to this tree (there's one left - see the photo below) but it seems Storm Dennis (really? Dennis?) cruelly ripped this avian couple apart last night.

It started raining here on Friday night and doesn't seem intent on stopping any time soon. To that extent, our flat roof (covering our side passage and two "outbuildings") has developed another leak this weekend (to go with the one that I knew about) - and the flashing around our chimney has developed another (to go with the leak that I identified last week after storm Ciara).

None of these are really serious leaks. I've put a bucket or two down in the attic (well... a mop bucket and a litter tray) and that seems to be doing the trick until we can get a roofer in.  But we will eventually (this summer probably) have to look to get these little niggles looked at.

And in the garden - well the fox (and hedgehog) tunnel under our tallest fence has been completely flooded. The local foxes have dug two big tunnels under our fences - big enough for a relatively big dog (I'd say... not just a big fox) to squeeze through, if it felt it had to. But looking at the photo below, nothing's gonnae use that tunnel for a while.

Finally, I, of course, went down to our local toad crossing last night (and this morning on my 5 mile walk - to photograph the road so you lucky, luck readers get an idea of what our "toad crossing" road looks like (below)) and helped nineteen of the little blighters cross the road.

Plenty more were squashed last night though - including one or two by the only car that went down that road in the forty minutes or so that I was there. At speed. Not even noticing the toads all over their road. *sighhhhh*.

I think I'm going to contact the local biodiversity officer of the council and suggest (strongly) that they need to put a toad sign up. 

Right, that shallot.

I'll leave you with photos of three of the nineteen toads I helped on their way last night...

Keep dry eh?



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