Can you guess what happens next?

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I'm going to write a quick post and upload a short video today - and leave a question for you, for a day or so.

Then I'll upload another post during the weekend, to show you the answer...

OK with you?



Here we go then.


I would put money on many people being at best, confused by my well-publicised dislike of foxes (being that these people might often pigeon-hole me as an "eco warrior" or "environmentalist" or "green" or "animal lover" etc) and at worst, quite upset.

It matters not to me however - I'm afraid, rather like grey squirrels and rats - I don't really like to have foxes in the garden - like some people don't like to have cats, for example, in their garden.

Sure, right now I tolerate them, as a family seems to be using my hedgehog runs each night and at present we aren't keeping hens (we've kept hens for about ten years but currently have none - our chicken run is used as a tool and lawnmower store right now).

All I can say regarding the foxes right now, is that I hope they don't eat our hedgehogs - something I've recorded here TWICE in the past eight years.



Last night I set the trail camera up in the back garden again, behind our pond - and it recorded some footage reminding me of yet another reason (if I needed one) why I don't like foxes in our garden.

The first 20 sec video in a set of five is below - I'll upload the next four 20 second clips as one 80 second clip during the weekend.

Your question on this clip is as follows - 


As soon as I saw this FIRST 20 second clip (above) on the laptop, I noticed something (you may need my eagle eyes to notice it too) in the clip and then immediately feared something would then occur in any following clips.

Unfortunately - that something then DID immediately occur -  and my trail camera recorded it.



What did I notice and so what did I fear and so what then occurred?

I'll post the answer in a new blog post with that 80 second video, over the weekend....



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