"Operation noctua" end of week 22

July 23, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Just two very brief visits to “Owl-ville” last week means I’ve only been up to see our local little owls for the grand total of about 10 minutes in two weeks now, or maybe 15 in three weeks.

The weather was truly appalling again last week (as it has been for all bar a fortnight or so for the owl family) but at last at the weekend (just gone) the owls could perch in the open for extended periods of time and indulge in an activity that many birds (especially little owls) enjoy – sunbathing.


I have little doubt that after my brief visits this week, the adult male (or at least one of the adults – no doubt at all) has taken to roosting in his winter roost three hundred yards from the “summer house” and nest box – he’s been in his winter spot both times that I’ve been up there this week.


The only other owl I’ve seen this week is one of the youngsters (I was going to call it a chick or fledgling, but that all passed some time ago to be fair - they’re full size now, the youngsters) sitting on one of the “summer shed” gutters in the sun, three hundred yards (or so) away from its father on the “winter shed”.


I’ve not seen more than two owls this week (doesn’t mean to say the other adult and other youngster have gawn orf – just means to say I’ve not seen ‘em because I’ve not been physically healthy enough to go up there and wait for hours to get a full picture of what actually is happening up there at present.


I would not hesitate to suggest that all four owls (both youngsters and both adults) are ALL still hanging around the same field still (unless they’ve been knobbled by a car – pretty well the only thing that would kill them in a second – and they do get close and low to the country lanes around their field).


That would be dreadfully pessimistic though -  like I say, I’ve been in their field for a grand total of a dozen or so minutes in three weeks so I’m not in the position to get a true picture of what all the owls have been up to recently – my guess is they’re all still there, and within a month or so, the two youngsters will fly off to set up new territories of their own – maybe in the same large farm, maybe a little further away – wherever there is food and suitable nesting places.


I keep saying this, but maybe I can get up to the owl field a little more this week to see if I can see all four owls.


Until then… everything seems fine at owl-ville, Berkshire, and when owl-ville is fine – all is well with me….




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