12 or 13. Then 13 or 14. Then 18 to 20.

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We have a pair of blue tits nesting in a nest box which I've screwed to a north-facing wall by our bathroom window. A box in which we have a wee camera.

Today our hen laid her twelfth or thirteenth egg (12 or 13). I can DEFINITELY count 12 and I thiiiink it's 13, but I can't be 100% sure as the nest cup is often covered by feathers.

The blue tit hen will lay an egg a day for about 12 days and only when she's laid her final egg, will she start incubating properly. That's a 1p piece below, by the way, NOT a 2p.



Today she started incubating.

She'll incubate for about thirteen or fourteen days (13 or 14) - and then the eggs should hatch. Pretty-well all on the same day.

Then she'll (and her mate if he's still around) feed the developing young until they fledge (leave the nest) at around eighteen-twenty (18 to 20) days old.

Long and short of it, if all goes to plan, we have 12-13 eggs  which should turn into nestlings after 13 or 14 days which I hope will all fledge successfully after a further 18 to 20 days.


30th April - predicted hatching day.

19th May - predicted fledging day.

If. (Big IF). All goes to plan.


NB. As usual... all photos on this post are taken by me.

The photo of the TV screen is of our current nest.

The photo of the eggs (and yes that's a 1p piece (NOT a 2p) is from a failed nest brought to my attention when we lived in Reading about 9 years ago now.

The photo of the young, newly-fledged (yellow-faced) blue tit, was one of our successful fledglings the last time we had a blue tit nest here in our current house in Berkshire (near Reading). And yes that is my hand. The wee thing needed a little help from me to fledge successfully. That was five years ago now!







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