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Don't all bi(r)d at once...

April 17, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Never seen this before.

Someone on ebay trying to sell an old nest.

We live near Wokingham in Berkshire – and it does seem to be a bit of a strange place – a lot of money there and not a little attitude to be honest.

But maybe this is how the good people of Wokingham make their money? By flogging loose bundles of twigs covered in bird sh1t, and parasites.

Oh loooook, I understand that the ‘odd’ local school might appreciate having a dirty old magpie’s nest to pour over in a biology lesson (I regularly donate owl pellets to my wife’s biology classes (she’s head of science at a local secondary school) for example) but to try and SELL it in an auction – even for a starting price of 99p?!

I was too busy doing other things (anything else to be honest) than to enquire - but if I had, I might have INSISTED that they post it to me, as I couldn't collect, just to see what the seller would say.


I have no idea whether it sold or not - and whether the nest's rightful owners (Mr. and Mrs. magpie) were rightly-compensated.


Actually - I have rather a good idea of whether it sold.... or... ahem... not.






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