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… to give your dogs/cats/goldfish/sifaka lemurs (delete where applicable) their annual glug of zylkene/whisky/night-nurse/boot polish (delete where applicable) before the fireworks kick off in earnest tomorrow night. And please remember to check any bonfires for hedgehogs (etc) before lighting them.

Actually, I'm probably a little late with this blog post as there's not so much a "bonfire night" any more is there? More of a "fireworks season" these days.

I, for example, attended our son's school fireworks display last week and took the first two photos below (both of which contain moy woyf and boy for the eagle-eyed amongst you).

I do quite enjoy taking photos of fireworks - even more so now I have a "full frame" Canon 6D to mess around with - although you still need to sort-of know what you're doing to get half decent results and I'm happy to say I sort-of DO know what I'm doing these days - although there's always something new to learn!

My favourite firework photo of all was taken last year at the same school's "firework night" - a more abstract shot than the two above, using the same lens zoomed into the crowd with the base of the fireworks as a background rather than the subject. I like the (below) shot so much in fact that I've blown it up (pardon the pun) and hung (and drawn and quartered) it from our sitting room wall.

The watchersThe watchers

Do spare a thought for the wildlife at this time of year though. I was thinking this whilst setting up the camera for last week's fireworks display at the school and hearing lots of redwing thrushes fly over our heads in the dark, just before the first rockets went up.

Not only is it cold, and wet and dark and food is scarce. Each night for weeks and weeks it seems these days, the whole sky seems to be exploding around them. It must be bleeding awful.

Anyway... have a great bonfire night.

Go easy on them sausages though eh?




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