Summer sticks around but now in come the winter thrushes....

October 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Yesterday as I picked up the boy from school, I heard my first two redwing of the season.

I reported them to Berks birds (the local reporting website) and it seems that, yesterday was in fact the first day of this season that redwing were being heard or seen over Berkshire.

(For those of you that don't know - there can't be many  (that don't know) reading this blog can there - redwing are Scandinavian thrushes that come to the UK in huge numbers, followed a few weeks later by their larger, fieldfare cousins, each Autumn, to overwinter here and leave in the Spring.

Redwing can be heard migrating overhead, very often at night, as they constantly give their migratory contact calls to each other as they fly in. Go outside on a calm, dry night at this time of year... be quiet and listen for the "TSEEP" occasionally sounding overhead. You'll hear it. Promise.

Redwing normally start to arrive into the UK at the beginning of October each year (so jussssstttt after summer (proper) officially finishes around the 22nd or so of September), but even so... hearing my first two yesterday afternoon was quite a shock, even though I've often seen swallows leaving Berkshire and redwing arriving... on the SAME DAY!

That all said, it was a bit of a shock yesterday to hear winter thrushes arriving as we seem to have been stuck in summer since they left in April - we're still almost stuck in summer down here this week, with sunshine and temperatures exceeding 20C forecast!

Keep 'em peeled, grapple fans.


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