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The eve of war. "Our souls" are up for grabs...

June 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Up before dawn (as usual) and in the garden, looking to the “heavens” and optimistically-listening-out for the first of our winter thrushes to “TSEEP” their arrival to our shores from Scandinavia, I noticed something in the night sky, yesterday morning and today.

The planets seem to have lined up, in a very short line. (We’re not talking across the entire night sky here – we’re talking a few degrees apart).


Now, recently I have amused myself (and indeed bemused myself) by watching many of the Flat Earthers’ videos on YouTube – where they describe in some detail how we’ve all been hoodwinked by the powers that be.

Yes – there is a GROWING population of people in the world who genuinely believe that the earth is flat, the sky is a glass dome and all the heavenly bodies are projections onto that dome.

Amazing huh? But that’s not all.

I have also been amusing and bemusing (no… not abusing) myself by watching videos on YouTube which have attempted to tell us all that the world will END between September 23rd and September 28th – for a variety of reasons.

Either Planet X will smash into earth, causing an (overdue mind) extinction event.

Or Barrack Obama (who they say is ACTUALLY the antichrist AND Osama Bin Laden… yes….) will start world war three.

Or the good people at CERN in Switzerland will push the wrong button on their Large Hadron collider and suck the entire planet into a man-made black hole, or a gateway to hell, or something else (I can’t remember now).

Or the aliens will invade us. They’re already here of course, biding their time; they’ll just reveal themselves to us tonight or tomorrow.

These videos do exist in their hundreds on YouTube. Check them out if you fancy a terrifying look into the blind stupidity of some of our race.


Some of these videos point to clues we all have (allegedly) been given –clues demonstrating that the end of the world is nigh – and errr… “Rapture” is upon us.


Tonight for example. Or more accurately, very early tomorrow morning over the UK, there will be a “Super blood moon” for the first time since 1982 – a time when Survivor topped the charts with “Eye of the Tiger”.

A “Super moon” just means the moon is a few thousand miles closer to the Earth than normal, so appears about 14% bigger in the night sky. As now.

A “blood moon” generally means a total lunar eclipse – when the moon appears almost red or coppery for a while – as tonight.

A “super blood moon” happens when both the above conditions are met.


On the eve of this super blood moon then, which allegedly is just one of the clues that we’re all doomed – it was interesting (to me at least) to peer into the night sky and see a few planets lined up just above the Eastern horizon before dawn.

So I took some photos.

And a screenshot from my Android Stargazer app. Yes. I’m a spod. Deal with it!

I managed to get three planets in a bit of a wonky line in my photo, but it's not just Venus, Mars and Jupiter (as in my photo) - Mercury and the Sun have lined up (below the horizon of course) with those planets too! (See screenshot from my phone).


The planets have lined up with the sun.

There is to be a “super blood moon” tonight.

An injury-ravaged Wales beat England at Twickenham in the Rugby World Cup last night.


The End of Days is here. Clearly.

This is the eve of war.

Rapture is indeed upon us.

Our souls (mind how you say that, “our souls”) are up for grabs.


Best you repent then, grapple fans.

And repent pretty darned quick.


Catch you on the other side though, eh?




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