Hawk versus pigeon.

February 18, 2013  •  1 Comment

There's so much going on in the garden and in the local countryside at present (not to mention the night sky)...

I'll come onto all that as soon as I can.

But for now - just some photos of a (female) sparrowhawk that killed a woodpigeon right in front of me as the sun set today, whilst I was on my drive to check on our local barn owls. This is the second pigeon this hawk has killed in three days.

She's good.

She's VERY good.


(NB. Some viewers might  (I guess) maintain that this bird is a male sparrowhawk, not a female. Not so my friends.... the sunset was pretty spectacular round here today and the dull plumage of the female is glowing in an orange setting-sun sorta light - apart from the fact that this is a woodpigeon she's sitting on -  which males would find too much to handle almost invariably).


For more on sparrowhawks, click HERE.


No more words necessary with this particular blog post, other than the last shot was taken (with a flash, in the dark) after I had been to see one of our local barn owls leave its roost...












David Turner(non-registered)
Spectacular Boyo, stunning shots. Was going to post a picture tonight of a Sparrowhawk I saw lunchtime in the garden. Not so sure now after seeing these shots!
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