"Operation noctua" end of week 24

August 05, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Again, just one visit to see our local little owls again this week but a brief visit which resulted in at least seeing both young owls.


One young owl was sitting in its place of birth again (the nest box) - activity which I’ve not seen for a month or so  (but of course that doesn’t mean to say it hasn’t been happening – I’ve just not seen it).


The other young owl was sitting on its father’s winter roost (the western cattle shed as opposed to the eastern cattle shed where I filmed all my HD footage of the owls, very close to the nest box).


When I approached the young little owl flew away strongly – very unlike its first flights a few weeks ago, when to be fair it could hardly get off the ground.


All in all  - very nice to see both young owls (for they are pretty-well owls now rather than owlets…. although they still have quite dark heads which do look visibly different to the adults) flying strongly and doing well.



After a hospital appointment on Thursday this week I then have a week and a bit off work, so I hope to see the owls a little more in the next two weeks…


We’ll see eh?


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