"Operation noctua" end of week 18 - both owlets on three HD video clips

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A mixed week weather-wise, with quite a lot of sun (compared to many recent weeks) and an awful lot of rain once again. June is certainly shaping up to be one of the wettest ever Junes I think.

I've managed to record about an hour's HD footage of BOTH the little owlets' activity on top of their barn this week and spliced together some footage into three short clips below.

It's great to know that the owls have had a successful breeding season and also good to know that two (not just one) owlets have fledged. This week (Week 18) was the first week that both owlets appeared outside their nest box and explored the surroundings - very often together.

I've seen both owlets raise hell by bouncing through hedges close to passerines nests and also take beetles and worms from under their shed. Its nice to see their parents bringing them food also - at the start of the second clip below, one of the adults has brought them wht looks like a vole (the first time I've seen any of the owls with prey larger than a huge earthworm!)

They (the owlets) still look a little clumsy in the air (although to be fair, adult little owls with their rotund appearance and undulating flight hardly are reknowned for their swift-like aerial agility!) and can be differentiated from their parents by their slightly smaller size and fluffier head - but they are looking more developed (and more "adult) day by day.

These two little owlets need to be fully independent by the Autumn - and start to set up their own territories by then - if they stick around after the autumn, their parents will probably not tolerate their presence (that is if their parents are keen enough and able enough to keep the territory from themselves).

I expect though, that all summer, our little owl family will remain pretty-well together and even though I might not try and get more HD video footage - I might try for a few photographs, if I ever get time....

Until then, I hope you enjoy the three clips below - and watch out for the surprise visitor in the third clip!

As usual, please enlarge the embedded video player to fill the screen (for smooth playback) and set the video quality to 1080HD (not auto HD) at the bottom of the embedded player for much more (full HD) detail.

Explanatory text can be found before each clip, so you know what you're watching.



18th June 04:09

One owlet just before dawn after a wet night

18th June 12:09

Adult which flies away and one owlet

18th June 12:41

Both owlets exploring barn roof

18th June 12:46

Both owlets exploring barn roof

18th June 21:42

One owlet on barn roof at dusk

18th June 22:34

Same owlet still on barn roof after dark

Owl watch 18th June 2012 both fledglings






19th June 13:27

One adult with small mammal (vole?) prey

19th June 17:27

Both owlets on roof – one attempts to hide…

19th June 17:29

One of my favourite clips of both owlets

19th June 18:16

A short, clumsy landing from one of the owlets

19th June 19:18

Both owlets watch a plane and one gets scared

19th June 22:17

One owlet calls for company after dark

Owl watch - 19th June 2012 - both fledglings







20th June 06:58

Both owlets on roof in low sunshine after dawn

20th June 09:37

A surprise guest on the roof… from France?

20th June 11:42

An owlet gives the trail-camera an inspection

20th June 11:54

One adult and one owlet

20th June 12:05

My favourite clip of both owlets in the sun

20th June 13:30

An owlet sunbathes and falls asleep?!

Owl (and partridge!) watch - 20th June 2012



NB. I assume the owlet at the end of the clip above is sunbathing and falling asleep whilst doing so? Most birds sunbathe (as a source of energy when food supply may be low and also to move feather parasites onto parts of their plumage from which they can easily remove them) and I have watched little owls seemingly thoroughly enjoy their sunbathing (much more so than many other birds) - but if you can think of any other explanation for the final part of the clip above - please let me know.



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